Why Buy Roller Garage Doors?

Buying a new garage door requires careful consideration and thought. Roller garage doors are becoming increasingly popular, partly because of their aesthetic appeal and their functionability. However, they also come with further benefits, making them a superb investment as well as the largest moving part in your home. Read on to discover why you might want to consider roller garage doors to replace your existing ones.

Save on Space

One of the primary benefits of roller garage doors is that they open vertically, with next to no ‘kick-out’, whatsoever. Not only does this make them ideal for those with short driveways, but it also helps on saving space in the garage, itself. With the door rolled in around the drum in the ceiling, there’s no compromise on height and, when the roller garage door is closed, you can park your vehicle as close to it as you want, without risk of the door swinging in and causing damage.

Recognised Security

Garage doors are commonly used as entry-points to homes, by thieves and burglars. We offer a range of Secureoglide garage doors, which were among the first to be approved, by both the police and insurance companies, as meeting certain standards of security. Not only can roller garage doors act as a deterrent to housebreakers, but they can also help to reduce you home insurance premiums.

Turn the Heat Down!

The problem with an ill-fitted garage door is that it can leave your garage poorly heated and even contribute to your energy bills. Roller garage doors are designed to fit almost any space snugly and securely, helping to retain heat in the colder months. Complete with insulated cores, roller garage doors can help to bring your energy bills down and allow you to make the most of your garage – even in the winter.

Aesthetics for Everyone

Aesthetically, roller garage doors are more flexible than their solid counterparts. Roller garage doors are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, from bright and bold tones, to wood-effect panelling. Using a roller garage door, you can find the style that suits your home, perfectly.

At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we have over 30 years’ experience and expertise in recommending and installing garage doors. For free and friendly advice on any of our makes and models, drop us a line, today.


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