When Should you Buy a New Garage Door?

Just as a new garage door can add value to your home, improve its security and help to lower your energy bills, an older garage door can do just the reverse. However, beyond it looking unsightly, there’s also the question of safety to consider. Garage doors that are past their sell-by are hazards waiting to happen and it’s best to consider replacement before something disastrous occurs. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common warning signs.

1) Wear and tear on your springs and hinges. These are some of the most important parts of your garage door and, unless they’re regularly checked and maintained, can cause the garage door to suddenly slam shut. If you think your springs and hinges might be past their best, give us a ring and we can discuss replacing them.

2) General appearance. If a garage door is showing tell-tale signs of not being looked after, it becomes a more attractive proposition for burglars and would-be thieves. Rust, peeling paint and a garage door that isn’t fitted properly are all indicators that it is probably an easier target than a new one.

3) Rusty fitments. While your paint might be intact, rusty fitments are an even bigger indicator to thieves and opportunists that your garage door isn’t properly secure. Rusty fittings are much easier for burglars to compromise and their presence can also suggest that the garage door doesn’t hold all the locking systems found in new ones. While you could replace the fitments, it’s far better to replace the door as well.

4) Remote interference. Older, remote-controlled, garage doors will have been programmed to respond on a particular frequency. However, since then, a whole range of remote-controlled devices have come onto the market. You might find that your old garage door doesn’t respond properly to the remote or, in extreme cases, you may find that other remotes not designed for your garage door, open and close it at random. Manufacturers are aware of these problems and modern garage doors are less likely to be subject to interference than older ones.

It’s not worth waiting for any of these symptoms to become a full-blown hazard. If you have concerns about your garage door, get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you friendly and professional advice.


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