Top Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Great Shape

A carefully selected garage door can do some great things for your property. Making your outbuilding secure, easy to access, and stylish, among other boons, it can often represent a sizeable investment.

With this being the case, yet, it’s surprising how many people do not maintain it. For many, it’s a simple oversight, but it’s one that can prove costly in the long run. It can mean either expensive repairs or a replacement.

The best way to avoid this issue is to practice proper garage door maintenance in the first place. And this is something we can help you with. Here are five top tips to get you started.

Examine Your Garage Door

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure, and this applies to garage doors as much as anything else. One of the best ways to identify any problems that may be emerging is to perform regular inspections.

Paying close attention any time your door is in action. Jerking and asymmetry can both show issues, so these are two things to look out for.

Listen to your Garage Door

As well as watching your garage door while it’s in use, we recommend listening too. Grinding or scraping noises can be suggestive of a more serious problem developing.

So you may want to consult someone with industry-specific knowledge to give you a better idea of how to handle the issue if you notice these at play.

Regularly Tighten your Hardware

There are also specific actions you can pair with these observations to keep your garage doors working well. One of these is to tighten roller brackets and bolts to stop any loosening.

This is often an issue due to how frequently your door sees use (over one thousand movements up and down per year on average).

Check and Change the Weatherstripping

Another simple way to keep your garage door working well is to check the weatherstripping. That’s because this is designed to keep the elements out, but as it’s exposed to extremes of weather, it can become less effective over time.

To avoid this and keep the contents of your garage safe, you can either pick a replacement up from your local hardware store or we can come and fit it easily.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Finally, we recommend keeping any moving parts lubricated with white lithium grease and a spray-on lubricant. These include, for example, the opener’s chain and screw, along with the overhead springs.

This is simple and only needs doing around once per annum but will keep your door working all year round.

Isn’t it time you started taking better care of your garage door?


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