The Secrets of Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are among the most popular types of garage door on the market. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we liaise very closely with our customers to help them decide which garage door is the best for them. In many circumstances, sectional garage doors provide the answer. However, their appeal goes far beyond their aesthetic qualities; read on to find out why a sectional garage door might be the perfect solution for your needs.

Space Saving Capacity

With the majority of garage doors, the opening mechanisms are stored either side of the opening space. Often, this can reduce the drive-in capacity, either making for a tight squeeze or, if the garage doesn’t have the space to spare, can render the garage useless as car-storage. When it comes to sectional garage doors, because the door is broken down into easy to store sections, there is no compromise on the room needed to park your car. With Hormann sectional garage doors helping you to save up to 140mm in width, this is ideal for those with bigger cars and other vehicles, such as vans.

Superior Protection

Most garage doors are protected against the elements – but usually only on the side that is exposed. Sectional garage doors are insulated and protected on all four sides, protecting it all the way round, from whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. In addition, sectional garage doors are better suited to cope with uneven floors; the larger profile lip enabling the bottom seal to cope with any irregularities in the floor’s surface.

Fit Any Garage
Unlike conventional garage doors, sectional ones do not have to pass through the opening space; the door is simply wound into or out of the storage space. As a result, sectional doors are ideal for those with unconventionally-shaped apertures, such as arches. Using a sectional garage door means that you don’t have to worry or not whether the door will fit the space or not, as it always will.

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