Garage Door Repairs & Servicing

Your garage door or automatic door operator are pieces of precision engineering and as such require regular maintenance to ensure seamless operation. Manufacturers recommend a regular maintenance schedule and we shall be pleased to discuss this as it relates to your specific installation. This will allow us to identify any potential problems in advance and take preventative measures in good time.

Prevention is better than cure

Some doors require regular servicing as part of the warranty agreement and must always be carried out by a qualified, experienced professional. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we can provide those professionals, ensuring that your warranty is protected and that your doors continue to operate at their best.

Repairs and upgrades

For repairs, we stock all the necessary parts and have the knowledge and expertise to replace them quickly and efficiently. In addition, we also supply all the necessary accessories, including new transmitters and electric opening mechanisms, to allow you to upgrade your door and maintain its excellent performance.


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