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Style 200

  • TYPEThermoPro/Plus Entrance Doors

Both panelled door styles are a stylish way to present your home with their perfectly matching profile-style plastic glazing frames. When it comes to thermal insulation, the double-pane insulating glass glazing gives you everything you expect from a high-quality Hörmann entrance door.

Gold or silver lever/lever handle on steel infill, double-pane insulated glass, laminated safety glass outside, single-pane safety glass, cathedral glass with small hammered finish with surface-mounted rails inside.

Door style 200 is available as a ThermoPro door, without side elements and transom lights, in a break-in-resistant RC 2 version.

ThermoPro (U-value up to 1.4 W/( m²·K)*)

Style 100 / 200: 3-panel side elements with panel infill.


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Colour Options

  • White Aluminium (RAL9006)
  • Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)
  • Terra Brown (RAL8028)
  • Moss Green (RAL6005)
  • Clay Brown (RAL8003)
  • Pigeon Blue (RAL5014)
  • Window Grey (RAL7040)
  • Ruby Red (RAL3003)
  • Light Grey (RAL7035)
  • Light Ivory (RAL1015)
  • Traffic White (RAL 9016)
  • Grey Aluminium (RAL9007)
  • Flame Red (RAL3000)
  • Gentian Blue (RAL 5010)
  • Grey White (RAL 9002)
  • Cream (RAL 9001)

Finish Options

  • Golden Oak (Hormann)
  • Dark Oak (Hormann)
  • Night Oak (Hormann)
  • Titan (Hormann)
  • Winchester Oak (Hormann)

Glazing Options

Each glass type has a different look depending on colour, structure and finish. In addition to the glass types we suggested in the product images, you may choose from any other glass type according to your own personal preference and wish for your new Hörmann entrance door. You will find an overview of the most popular glass types here. Call us today for the latest prices and delivery times.

  • Glazing-ClearSandBlasted (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-SandBlasted-ParsolGrey (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-SandBlasted-StopsolGrey (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-504 White (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-SilkWhite-Textured (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Mastercarre1 (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Masterpoint (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-SpotlyteWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-GothicWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-GothicBronze (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Masterray (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Ornament553 (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Masterligne (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-PaveWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-BaroqueWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Silvit-178Bronze (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-NiagraWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-DeltaBronze (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-597 White (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-RoyalTrioWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-Flutes (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-CathederalWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-AntiqueWhite (Hörmann)
  • Glazing-MadrasSilkEtched (Hörmann)

Lever Handle Options

  • ED-handle-knob-silver (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-gold (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-security-gold (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-security-knob-gold (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-security-silver (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-silver (Hörmann)
  • ED-handle-security-knob-silver (Hörmann)
  • ED-SpyHole (Hörmann)
  • ED-letter-gold (Hörmann)
  • ED-letter-silver (Hörmann)