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Securoglide compact -Garage door and automation

SeceuroGlide Compact

  • TYPERoller Garage Doors
  • MATERIALAluminium

Low headroom - Insulated Garage Door

The SeceuroGlide Compact system has been developed especially for garages with severely limited space above the opening.

SWS's Compact roller garage doors utilise an insulated aluminium slat that is significantly narrower than those featured on the SeceuroGlide. This allows a tighter, smaller coil requiring just 8” (205mm) of headroom, giving owners of even the smallest garages the option of a high quality remote controlled door. Extremely versatile, a SeceuroGlide Compact door can be fitted in-front of or behind the garage opening, or even (height permitting) within the garage opening itself.

As SWS’s preferred installers in the West Country, the 7-year warranty is exclusive to the Garage Door & Automation Company and cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.

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    Further Product Information

    A wide range of sizes also means openings of up to 2880mm wide can be served, whilst a neat 90° facia conceals the coil back. There is also a 45° canopy option to completely enclose the coil. Purchasers can now experience the gratification of a remote-controlled garage door with SeceuroGlide Compact’s smaller slat profile. Just 8” (205mm) of headroom is required.

    Compact garage doors are available in a range of paint finishes and a choice of woodgrain finishes that combine low maintenance with endurance. Each garage door is supplied as standard with a SeceuroSense receiver with built-in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs an optical safety edge and an internal manual override

    Painted Woodgrain Finishes

    • SWS-English Oak
    • SWS-Natural Oak
    • SWS-Walnut

    Woodgrain Texture Finishes

    • SWS-White
    • SWS-Black Brown
    • SWS-Mahogany
    • SWS-Rosewood
    • SWS-Golden Oak

    Contemporary Finishes

    • SWS Graphite
    • SWS-Metallic Silver
    • SWS-Anthracite

    Heritage Colour Options

    • SWS Heritage Green (RAL 6021)
    • SWS Duck Egg Blue
    • SWS Chartwell Green
    • SWS Ivory (RAL 1015)
    • SWS Light Grey (RAL 7035)

    Traditional Colour Options

    • SWS Burgundy (RAL 3004)
    • SWS Navy Blue (RAL 5011)
    • SWS Light Beige (BS 08B17)
    • SWS Brown (RAL 8014)
    • SWS Fir Green (RAL 6009)
    • SWS Jet Black (RAL 9005)
    • SWS White (RAL 9016)
    • SWS Grey Beige (RAL 1019)
    • SWS Oyster White (RAL 1013)
    • SWS Gentian Blue (RAL 5010)
    • SWS Light Blue (RAL 5012)
    • SWS Moss Green (RAL6005)
    • SWS Basalt Grey (RAL 7012)
    • SWS Graphite Grey (RAL 7024)
    • SWS Blue Grey (RAL 7031)
    • SWS Pebble Grey (RAL 7032)
    • SWS Agate Grey (RAL 7038)
    • SWS Chestnut Brown (RAL 8015)
    • Umbra Grey (RAL 7022)
    • SWS Chocolate Brown (RAL 8017)
    • SWS Grey Brown (RAL 8019)
    • SWS Grey White (RAL 9002)
    • SWS Pure White (RAL 9010)
    • SWS Graphite Black (RAL 9011)
    • SWS Traffic White (RAL 9016)
    • SWS Traffic Black (RAL 9017)
    • SWS Sand Yellow (RAL 1002)
    • SWS Olive Yellow (RAL 1020)
    • SWS Oxide Red (RAL 3009)
    • SWS Dark Red (RAL 3011)
    • SWS Traffic Red (RAL 3020)
    • SWS Green Blue (RAL 5001)
    • SWS Royal Blue (RAL 5002)
    • SWS Violet Blue (RAL 5000)
    • SWS Dark Blue (RAL 5003)
    • SWS Signal Blue (RAL 5005)
    • SWS Brilliant Blue (RAL 5007)
    • SWS Grey Blue (RAL 5008)
    • SWS Azure Blue (5009)
    • SWS Pigeon Blue (RAL 5014)