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Entrance doors and screens

ThermoPro / Plus entrance doors offer style, security and insulation. An entrance door shouldn’t look out of place on your home; it should complement it and even improve its appearance. ThermoPro doors are available in stylish steel, which is resistant against all forms of weather. When it comes to insulation, ThermoPro doors offer a 46mm thick door leaf, which is completely filled with PU rigid foam, to effectively contain heat and help to reduce your energy bills. In addition, the door is finished with double and corner seals to maximise both insulation and security. All doors available in ThermoPro and ThermoPro Plus.

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Entrance doors for generations

We are convinced of our products and our uncompromising quality assurance. That is why we issue a 5-year guarantee* on ThermoPlus/ThermoPro entrance doors. *The complete warranty conditions can be found at:

An Eye on the Future

Hörmann is setting a good example. This is why, since 2013, the company has obtained 40 % of its required energy from green sources and will continue to increase this percentage.

At the same time, many tonnes of CO² are saved each year thanks to the introduction of an intelligent and certified energy management system. And last but not least, Hörmann offers products for sustainable construction. Find out more about Hörmann’s environmental activities in the “We think green” brochure.



You will feel safe at home: 2 conical swing bolts engage with 2 additional security bolts and 1 lock bolt in the frame’s lock plates and pull the door tightly shut.

The lock plates on ThermoPlus doors are adjustable for an optimal door setting. Thanks to the soft-lock latch, the door closes very quietly.

Being able to rest easy in your own home is important, which is why your ThermoPro / ThermoPlus door is secured additionally on the hinge side, making it practically impossible to force the door open.

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Safe Glazing

When it comes to industrial safety and burglar protection, Hörmann entrance doors fulfil the highest demands. The 8-mm-thick laminated safety glass on the interior of the insulated glazing provides maximum security. In case of breakage, the glass splinters are bound and stay adhered to the plastic film on the inside, virtually eliminating any danger of being injured by the shards.

Furthermore, the laminated safety glass offers better protection against burglars as it makes reaching through more difficult.


Door leaf without visible profile

ThermoPro and ThermoPlus doors make for an exquisite and elegant reception – whether you use them for a main or a side entrance. The shapely door leaf with its solid interior and exterior and leaf profile on the inside fulfils the highest design requirements. The interior view (shown on page 30) harmonises perfectly with your residential internal doors.

Both ThermoPro and ThermoPlus are available in square and round profiles.


High Thermal Insulation

ThermoPro, 46mm, 1.1 W/(m²·K)*.
ThermoPro entrance doors provide excellent thermal insulation for your home with UD-value of up to 1.1 W/(m²·K)* (door thickness 46mm).

ThermoPlus, 65mm, 0.87 W/(m²·K)*.
ThermoPlus entrance doors feature a UD-value of up to 0.87 W/(m²·K)* for even better thermal insulation. As a result, you save energy in the long term while also protecting the environment (door thickness 65mm).

* Dependent on door size. Specified values for RAM 1230 × 2180 mm.



Open your door easily and conveniently via multiple-point locking using a hand transmitter, radio finger-scan or transponder, making keys a thing of the past.

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