Keep your Garage Warm this Winter

At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we’ve noticed a sharp rise in the demand for insulated garage doors, particularly within the last decade. Winters seem to be getting colder and many of our customers are determined to keep their fuel bills down and not allow the temperature to prevent them from using the valuable extra space offered by their garage. Replacing your old garage door with a modern, insulated garage door can help you keep control of the cost of heating your garage and keep the space functional, even in the depths of winter.

Warmth and Strength

Insulated garage doors are more readily available than ever. While the majority tend to be made from steel or aluminium, it is possible to buy them made from wood and fibreglass. Typically, they will consist of an inner and outer wall, filled with a layer of solid-core insulating material, which is sandwiched between the panels. Insulating in this way not only helps to regulate the flow of energy through the door, but it also reinforces its strength. As a result, garage doors made in this fashion are strong and stable and can be made in larger sizes; perfect for those with bigger or double garages.

More than the Cold

However, when winter digs its heels in, there’s more to contend with than just a drop in temperature. Rain, snow and even soggy leaves can all cause problems for anyone wishing to use their garage in winter. Insulated garage doors tend to have better weather seals than their older, up and over-style counterparts. With an effective barrier protecting your garage against everything the wintry elements have to throw at it, you can continue to use your space throughout the year.

Use your Space – Whatever the Weather

Talking with our customers, we’ve found that many of them are using their garages for other purposes than just parking their car. From yoga spaces to workshops and even music studios, 21st Century homeowners are becoming more and more inventive. If you want to get full use out of your garage all year round and aren’t sure whether your garage would benefit from insulated garage doors, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help and have more than 30 years’ worth of experience and expertise to share.


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