How do Aluminium Garage Doors compare to Steel?

When most people consider the important aspects of a new garage door, such as security, insulation and lifespan, it tends to draw them to the conclusion that steel garage doors are where the buck stops. However, while there’s no doubting that steel has some major advantages, advances in the manufacture of garage doors means that aluminium is acting as a serious contender to the crown. So, how do aluminium garage doors compare to steel ones?

Adaptable Aluminium

Aluminium is an incredibly adaptable material, lending itself to a wide range of colours, styles and finishes. If you want a garage door with the appeal and charm of wood, but the strength of aluminium, then it’s now a possibility. In addition, the manufacture of different-sized slats has become much easier, meaning that doors can be created for even the most awkward of spaces or those that are bigger than standard.

Cutting Energy Bills and Keeping Burglars Out

The levels of insulation offered by aluminium garage doors can be greater than that offered by their steel counterparts. Insulating foam is sandwiched between double-skinned slats, which not only slows the flow of heat, but also traps a layer of air, helping to keep your garage warmer for longer. In addition, this also helps to reduce noise coming in and going out of your garage.

The double-skinning and integral foam reinforces many aluminium garage doors to the point where they offer greater resistance and durability than steel. This strength is reinforced by the size of the guides used in the opening and closing processes. Typically, they will be between 60mm and 100mm, which ensures greater resistance against situations such as high winds and attempts at forced entry.

Economic on Space

Aluminium garage doors tend not to be as heavy as steel ones. As a result, the operating drum can be considerably smaller, saving on the interior space of the garage itself, allowing you to maximise on height and width. If you’ve any questions about the type of door that’s best for your garage, drop us a line today – we’ll be only too happy to help!


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