Five Benefits of Automating Your Garage or Gates

Here at Garage Door and Automation Company, our ethos is simple: to deliver top-quality products that make our customers lives more comfortable and secure.

All of our gates and garage doors are selected with this in mind, automating for efficiency, ease of use, and economy too.

However, there are lots of people who are under the mistaken belief that garage door and gate automation does nothing more than look fancy, which is not the case. Most of our customers approach us with needs that are focused more around enhancing privacy and increasing safety than improving their aesthetic.

That’s why we decided to write this article. Sharing just five of the many benefits that come from gate and garage door automation, it should help you to decide whether our products are the right pick for you.


Enhanced Privacy

For many families, privacy is highly sought after but difficult to achieve. It can be hard to keep outside individuals from popping into your garden as and when they feel like it, whether to retrieve a ball, follow in the footsteps of a runaway dog, or pop a leaflet through your door.

However, with an automated gate, this is not something you need to worry about, as you have full control over who enters and exits your property at all times.


Improved Safety

While unwanted visitors can be an annoyance, they can also pose a danger to pets or young children, as they tend to leave gates open when they exit.

Not only this but properties that are easy to access often act as an open invitation to criminals. The best way to remove the problem of the former and deter the latter is to ensure that only those you want on your property can enter at will and that children and pets are prevented from exiting too.



Have you ever sat in your car, watching the rainfall, while dreading having to get out and mess around with your gate or garage door? If so, automation offers another benefit: it means you don’t need to exit your vehicle whenever you want to enter your property.

This is not only handy during the winter or when the weather is unpleasant, but also if you’re turning off from a busy road, for example, and don’t wish to leave your car parked and causing an obstruction.


Keeps Unwanted Vehicles Out

As well as stopping those on foot from entering without permission, automated gates can be an excellent tool for stopping unauthorised vehicles from taking advantage of your driveway.

This means no more looking out of the window to see that your outside area is being used as a turning circle, which is a particular boon for those with pets or small children who spend time outside.



Last but not least, the initial outlay associated with purchasing an automated gate or garage door is often offset by the financial benefits that accompany it. These usually come from your insurers, who will typically provide discounts for those who can show their theft risk reduced. Also, installing such tech can add to the overall value of your home, in some cases bumping up its price tag by around five per cent if you decide to sell.

Want to find out more about our automated garages or gates and how you can have them installed in your home? Then contact our friendly and helpful team for further information today.


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