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Extra security doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics

Security and warmth

To complement our range of garage doors and gate systems, we also offer a selection of entrance and screen doors. These offer additional security to your home and are available in a stylish range of materials.

Entrance doors and screens are not only a great way of adding extra security to your home but, thanks to high thermal insulation values, they can also help you cut back on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Despite their stylish appearance, our range of entrance doors and screens are supremely durable, offering more protection against the elements than a standard front door.

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Our dedicated team of expert professionals can install entrance doors and screens at a time that suits you best. Simply contact us and we can discuss making an appointment that is mutually convenient. For further information about each of our entrance doors, simply click on the product that catches your eye.

ThermoPro / Plus Entrance Doors

ThermoPro / Plus entrance doors offer style, security and insulation. An entrance door shouldn’t look out of place on your home; it should complement it and even improve its appearance. ThermoPro doors are available in stylish steel, which is resistant against all forms of weather.

When it comes to insulation, ThermoPro doors offer a 46mm thick door leaf, which is completely filled with PU rigid foam, to effectively contain heat and help to reduce your energy bills. In addition, the door is finished with double and corner seals to maximise both insulation and security. All doors are available in ThermoPro and ThermoPro Plus.

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Hörmann Top Prestige Doors

These doors cheerfully live up to the Hormann motto of “Quality without Compromise”. They are made from aluminium, making them stylish as well as secure. In addition, they offer excellent insulation, as well as being low-acoustic, meaning you can either lock sound in or out, depending on your requirements.

Also filled with PU rigid foam, these entrance doors are superb for energy-conscious homeowners and can help to bring your heating bills down. On top of that, they’re available in a range of colours, which are so durable that they won’t need repainting. These doors are the perfect fusion of style and function.

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Hörmann Top Prestige Doors

Two reasons to choose a proven Hörmann canopy for your house entrance: it protects you and your guests in any weather. And it simply looks good. Choose your favourite from five different models.

All canopies are optimally matched to the Hörmann entrance door programme and have optional side fascias as protective vestibules.