Don’t Forget Your Garage Door

A new garage door very quickly becomes part of the furniture and is easy to forget about. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we’re all-too-familiar with this: the only time people remember their garage doors are either when they stop working or become so weather-beaten that they actually start to detract from the look of the home, rather than complementing it. You can certainly prevent a lot of the wear and tear to what is the largest moving part of your home, with a few, simple maintenance tips – many of which we’ve covered in previous blog posts. But what happens when your door is definitely past its expiry date? Here are some things to think about.

Come and see us!

When it comes to aesthetics, you need to get the door that not only works well, but looks good. We’d suggest a visit to our showroom: that way, you can really get a feel for the doors on offer and talk with our staff about the ups and downs of certain makes and brands. It doesn’t hurt to bring a photo along, either; that way, we can get a clear idea of what we should be recommending.

Steel or Aluminium?

You also need to consider durability, insulation and security. Steel doors take the crown in all three departments, offering excellent life-spans, great energy-saving potential and resistance to intruders, through multiple locking-points and all-round hardiness. However, you’ll also be wanting to think about safety, in terms of accident prevention. Again, a visit to one of our showrooms is probably your best bet; we can explain everything in detail and even give you a demonstration of all the important safety features.

While steel might be the Roman gladiator of garage doors, it does have its weaknesses. If you live in a particularly humid area or near the sea, then aluminium might well be a safer investment, as the water and salt content in the air can increase the likelihood of rust. However, chat with us and we’ll take that into consideration when we make a recommendation.

Whatever your needs, our professional and friendly staff will always be happy to advise. A new garage door is a big investment and one you want to last, so it’s important to make a well-informed decision. Come and see us and feel free to pick our brains.


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