Does your Garage Door grind your gears?

A garage door that opens and closes in complete silence hasn’t been invented yet – but there is a difference between normal operating levels and the kind of din that will wake up your neighbours. If your garage door is making more noise than it reasonably should, then you ought to identify the problem before something serious goes wrong or someone gets hurt.

What’s causing the noise?

Garage door openers use gears and other moving parts to ensure that they open and close effectively. Any moving parts will make some noise; even brand-new garage doors generate low level of sound. However, if your garage door is sounding like it’s about to shake itself off the runners, then you might have a problem on your hands.
The good news is that the most common cause of excessive noise from garage doors is lack of maintenance. As time takes its toll, all those moving parts can lose their lubrication and start grinding against each other. You might also want to check out the bolts and screws that hold the door and frame in place; over time, these can loosen and create a frame that is unstable and causing the noises you can hear.

It may be that parts of the mechanism itself have worn down and this is when things can become problematic. If you start to hear noises but ignore them, the parts that open and close the door may become damaged and present a safety concern.

Tackling the problem

While it’s possible to treat some complaints with lubricant and by tightening screws and bolts, you’d be far better off getting a professional in to give the whole system a once-over. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, our staff are trained to spot problems and provide the required solution. Sometimes, the answer will be a fairly simple one, but if your garage door is more than 20 years old, then it might be worth considering a replacement.

We have a wide range of doors on show in our showrooms, so you can see exactly what you’re buying before you have it installed. Get in contact today, before the noises made by your garage door really start to grind your gears.


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