Beyond the aesthetics of a garage door

At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we know that certain things such as the style, finish and colour of a garage door have an enormous impact in helping you decide which garage door is the best for you. Beyond that, our customers like to be assured that the door offers optimum security and the best in energy-saving properties. However, there is one part of the garage door that is often overlooked; one that can be just as important as its aesthetic qualities: the opening mechanism.

Is the Height Right?

The opening mechanism is an integral part of all automated garage doors. Whether you prefer roller to the side-hinged, a canopy to up-and-over or sectional to roller garage doors, they will not function without this vital piece of machinery. However, the mechanism can have as much impact on your garage as the door itself and not all garages can accommodate one. If you’re considering a sectional garage door, you might want to consider how much height you’re prepared to forsake. If there’s no enough headspace, a side-hinged garage door might be preferable. However, garage doors with good head-height and narrow entrances can make use of the mechanism, conveniently and effectively.

To Automate or not to Automate? We’ll Answer the Question!

While you might be tempted to get your tape-measure out, the best way to ensure that your garage is suited to an automated opening mechanism is to use a professional installer. Our installers are fully-qualified and have a wealth of experience and expertise under their belts; their trained eyes may well be able to spot possibilities that yours can’t. However, if automation isn’t right for your garage, they’ll be happy to suggest alternatives that offer equal security, practicality and aesthetics. While automated garage doors offer exceptional convenience, there are other options which will fully complement your home.

The Garage Door and Automation Company has over 30 years’ worth of experience in assessing, inspecting, installing and recommending garage doors. Whether you want advice about automated garage doors or their manually-operated counterparts, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch, today.


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