Barriers and Bollards

Simple but effective security systems

Barrier and bollard entrance systems are an effective way of regulating who can and can’t come and go on your property. Whether you own a business, a holiday-home park, an industrial yard or even a loading bay, it can be in everyone’s interests to prevent the general public from entering without permission.

Access and security

Entrance systems of this sort range from simple barriers to act as deterrent, to fully-automated systems that control who enters and exits. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we will work with you to ensure you get the levels of security and access that you need.

Easy to operate and weather-resistant

All our systems are easy to install, easy to operate and require little to no maintenance. They are weather-resistant and will stand up to vehicle impact, intentional or otherwise. You can browse our extensive list of barrier and bollard entrance systems below or call us and one of our friendly and professional staff will be only too pleased to offer you obligation-free advice.



Barrier-controlled entrance systems are designed for environments, such as high-use car-parks, staff parking or even camp sites. Their main purpose is to regulate the flow of traffic, although there are systems available that will refuse entry to those who aren’t authorised to enter. These typically use recognition systems, such as PIN, keyfobs and even vehicle registration, giving you complete control over who has access to your site or workplace. Barrier entrance systems aren’t just for big businesses; we stock models with beams ranging from as little as two metres in length and up to seven metres, allowing you to choose the right barrier for your requirements. They serve as both visual and practical deterrents and can significantly improve your security.

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Bollard entry systems are robust and practical, offering superb security for sites such as banks, guarded car-parks and even resident parking-only spaces. In essence, they are metal cylinders powered by piston mechanisms, making them extremely durable and impact-resistant. Security doesn’t get much more non-nonsense than a bollard entry system. Automatic bollards use an access-control device to let traffic through. This activates a hydraulic mechanism that will raise or retract the bollards in accordance with your needs. We stock a variety of bollard entrance systems, including pneumatic, city and J and K series bollards. Click on a photograph for further information or call one of our dedicated professionals to discuss your requirements.

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Our aim is to provide you with the best barriers or bollards to suit your needs. As part of our service, we offer you a fully-professional fitting service, carried out by our qualified and expert technicians.

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