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Barrier and bollard entrance systems are an effective way of regulating who can and can’t come and go on your property.

Whether you own a business, a holiday-home park, an industrial yard or even a loading bay, it can be in everyone’s interests to prevent the general public from entering without permission.

Access and security

Entrance systems of this sort range from simple barriers to acting as a deterrent, to fully-automated systems that control who enters and exits. At the Garage Door and Automation Company, we will work with you to ensure you get the levels of security and access that you need.

Easy to operate and weather-resistant

All our systems are easy to install, easy to operate and require little to no maintenance. They are weather-resistant and will stand up to vehicle impact, intentional or otherwise. You can browse our extensive list of barrier and bollard entrance systems below or call us and one of our friendly and professional staff will be only too pleased to offer you obligation-free advice.

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